How To Manifest Your Greatest Purpose

tent 002

People underestimate the power of a pure loving intention fueled by conviction. It is a means of dipping into that infinite place where the stars are born. It is utilizing the same process of forming planets to command all the dust and the particles in your realm to gravitate in your orbit of greatness.

We are meant to create. It is blueprinted into our DNA. It has taken era after era of being beaten down and diminished as a means to subjugate us,for us to cower at the thought. These are our primal memories and the reason that we shy away from our own abilities. But buried underneath all the fear of being called out, humiliated, rejected, scorned and false humility, is the deep knowing and understanding of our greatness. It is the secret we hold deeply within ourselves and fear uttering out loud.

But here is the truth. You are great. You know you are. Your frustration is in not having a means to express it and have it validated. Here is the key. It is very simple. Combine these two things and you will unravel your greatness; do what you love and do it as a service to others. In this way, you will be serving your greatest purpose.

We were never meant to spend our days lamenting about a relationships, worrying about what we look like, feeling like paupers and chasing after paper money. We are descendants of kings and genius. Galileo, Copernicus, Divinci, Gandhi and King all have the same make up as our own. We are meant to convert all our pain, anguish, disappointments and wounds into kindness and compassion for those who don’t quite have the good fortune of our awareness yet.

Prove this theory to yourself. Take that noble sacred intention that you hold dearly and set it free into motion. Work towards that dream and goal without the need for outer validation. Fuel it with that deep conviction that you have something worthy to contribute. Empower it with your greatness, conviction and goodness. Send it out in the world to land sweetly in the lives of others, as it will, and inspire them in the way that it will.

In stead of sucking up energy with false modesty and humility, pour your love and conviction out into mass consciousness as easily as your breath and allow all others to partake of its fragrance. Disengage the need to claim it as your own. It will live on long past your clay self. It will succor and nurture innocents forever and beyond if you merely have the courage to convert everything you are to love and pour it into the ether.

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