The Smooth Ride of Higher Consciousness


We all have these subtle senses that so many still do not use. Our physicality is like a highly functioning machine that we have lost the manual to; and so we only use the most coarse Functions.

Those who are unable to access these senses, mock and scorn those of us that do. They are frustrated with manual drive yet are too dependent on it or invested in it to give the more empowering functions a try. They try to pull those who use more of their faculties back into fear and apathy. But it is not possible. There is nothing as wonderful as the smooth ride of the higher senses.

So those who rely on manual control are doing everything they can to high-jack those who perceive more subtle realities. They have, diminished, demonized, medicated and even demoralized us in every way possible. They create wars, poisons, entertaining political gaming and even moral outcries which serve to knock everyone back into manual mode. But to no avail.

What those who are stuck in manual mode do not realize is that man is not in charge. It is only those who are stuck in lower gears that still believe that. Those of us who function at greater capacity drop out of the need to compete or excel in the lower gear world. We have discovered the sweet sensation of the smooth ride.

In fact, those who seem to appear to be doing less in their physicality, are experiencing more in the subtle realms of infinite exponential existence. There is so much beauty and succor that is left unappreciated in every moment. Those who understand their greater functions know how to tap into the moment to activate their higher potential.

If you gave a caveman a key and sat him in a car, he would never figure out how to turn that car on using the key. That is how we are with the spiritual key to life. It is through accessing the moment, like a key that we catapult ourselves into unimaginable wonders. But all the flailing around and coarse affirmations will not do the trick.

Exponential reality is accessed in reverence, stillness and a keen perception of all the wonders and blessings around. This is the key to higher consciousness. Some faiths stumble upon it in their attempts to coral the masses. But it is best done alone in the fortress of one’s own stillness.

What ever you believe in or conjure up to induce a state of reverence is great for you. But whatever it is for you, is your personal mantra. No need to surrender your calm to thrust your providence onto others. All the subtle ques and senses used to access the key to awakening are one’s personal way. The beauty of higher consciousness is that everyone’s access is different.

No one is absolutely right in where the doorway lies. Because it is accessed differently within each beautiful intricate state of consciousness. The best way to lead others to it, is by continuing to awaken the adventure in yourself. Allow the vestige of these coarse worlds to fall away. In doing so, you will discover the subtle realms of higher consciousness and inspire others to do the same.

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