The Dream Explaining Life in the Fifth Dimension


People like to come to my house when they are searching for their truth. They get a sense of it merely by visiting me and being in my personal energy. In a dream, I was giving a way to help people understand being at the fifth dimension.

In the Dream, people were visiting my house. Especially young women on the brink of adulthood. (Goddess energy). Everyone who came here dreamed about being in the Hamptons. The Hamptons represented the fifth dimension. People would arrive at my house and ask me advice about what it was like to live in the Hamptons. The wanted encouragement to go there and to know how to get there. They were all ready and excited. But had residual fear of failing in some way.

What the people who visited me didn’t realize is that my house WAS in the Hamptons. They were already in the Hamptons. Their fear of traveling there was just a lack of realization that they were already there. If they stepped outside my house, they were still in the Hamptons. Thinking they had to travel there was residual old consciousness.

In the dream, my house was gutted of all furniture. It was a message about the people in Texas who feel they lost everything. I did not care I didn’t have furniture. I was excited that it gave me floor room to exercise and dance around. I liked the spaciousness of it. The people who lost everything in Texas did not lose anything. They are being given an upgrade of realization that we are at the fifth dimension. Losing everything is being freed of the engrams of the Akashic records.

Even if it is not something they understand, it is an upgrade. That is why everyone was so grateful, happy and helpful during the catastrophe. They innately knew that it was bringing an upgrade of awareness to them. They were releasing the old consciousness and habits of linear reality by being removed from their house. They didn’t realize this consciously but the joy and goodwill was palpable.

In the dream, my home had just a huge stack of mattresses in it that a young woman was sleeping on. It was like in the story of “The Princess and the Pea” Where the woman realized she was a princess because she could detect a pea that was between the lowest two mattresses. She was so sensitive because she was of nobility. This depicted female energy recognizing its empowerment. This is what my work does. It empowers the strain of female energy in both men and women. They then can realize who they have been all along. It awakens them to their own sensitivities.

There is a couple that comes to assist me with the work I do. They recognize the importance of it. In the dream they were arguing in my home. Well, he was rude and angry to me and she was trying to make him understand how he was disrespectful. He would never show this disrespect for an awakened person in a male body but feels justified once and awhile in being angry at me. It was unacceptable because if he is seeing me differently than a male then he is clearly still being influenced by power. At least he is when that happens.

I ordered the couple out of my home for disrespecting me. This isn’t haughty. Everyone deserves respect. I left the room and waited for them to leave. The woman left through the other door to search for the Hamptons. It would be a short trip. The man refused to leave my house and double backed sheepishly into the kitchen. He was drinking something out of my freezer. (He was drinking truth that I had given him before but he was now ready to realize) He refused to leave the house. He knew my home was in the higher dimensions and did not want to give that up. He could not face me, yet he could not leave. That is where male energy is in the world.

Male energy realizes it is limited. But because it is still directed by the ego will not relinquish its assumed position of power. This is the same uncomfortable situation someone is in after a disagreement and wants to make up but does not know how. Male energy wants to be reunited with female energy and regain balance. It just doesn’t know how to without its pride being hurt. Pride is the ego. Just like with a couple, the union is inevitable.

Two young woman were trying to get up the courage to move to the Hamptons. They didn’t know how to get work once they were there. They were still believing it worked like the linear limitations of the illusion they were used to. They were both massage therapists (healers). So I told them to show up at the juice bar (people partaking of truth) and just simply talk amongst themselves. Others would overhear them and want to hire them. ( this meant simply live truth and you will attract others to truth) You don’t need to coerce anybody into it or sell yourself)

In another area of my home which was an extension, I was using the bathroom. (releasing the issues for humanity) When I came out of the room, a woman chided me for wasting electricity by not turning off the light. This was male energy that was hiding itself in the embodiment of women and experts of some kind. We are seeing this now.

Those of us who will not be abused by men are still being affronted by male energy in women They use that disguise to diminish the effectiveness of my assistance to female energy. That is what you experience when someone who calls themselves Light Workers, tries to have a pissing contest with you in some way instead of promoting your gifts and talents.

My dog Simha was dancing like she does when she is very excited and when we are at the retreats or events where I help people. The dream was showing me in another layer how much resistance I truly deal with because of the retreats and other awakening events I offer for people. But that they are being created in the higher realms.

The bathroom and the room Simha was dancing in were unfinished and it was difficult to tell how big they were. Just like I am not aware how big of an impact what I am doing will have on this world. It is a matter of everyone else simply realizing that they are already in the Hamptons. To gain that understanding is a huge upgrade.

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