Fear, Love, Gratitude and the Choice


Gratitude opens up your energy system.
No matter how open and awake you are,
there is always more expansion that can happen
Be grateful.
It is easy.
Think of all that you have endured.
Now sit in your stillness and just be happy to are not dealing with issues in the moment.
If you are thinking about things that bother you,
you are contaminating the moment.
If you are anticipating bad things happening
You are writing a bad script and programming it in
If you are afraid of something bad happening,
It is either a memory of something that already happened
Or it is the memory of someone else that you have ascribed to
For example if you are afraid of falling,
You most likely already fell to your death.
In that case, there is no need to have it happen again.
You have already experienced it.
It may not have been your memory but a memory of someone who induced you to react to their fear.
Fear shuts down you energy system
Then the mind and emotions take over to compensate.
If you are not in fear,you are in love
If you are in love you are not in fear.
Fear and love can not exist in the same space at the same time
So you can know when you are not immersed in love if you are fearful
That is why so much of the world is not loving and kind;
Because they are induced to fear on a regular basis.
That is why so many people are in fear, because they are not immersed in love.
If you are fearful, think of all the things to be grateful for as a means of opening up your energy field to love.

Jen Ward

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