Ways to Recognize Your Past Lives


Look at things you are afraid of. The reason you are most likely afraid of them is because they brought a demise in a past life. Arbitrary fears like being pecked by a bird were actually times when you may have been near death and the buzzards came and started eating your flesh.

Pay attention to what you love but also fear. This will give you a sense of how you died in a past life. The first time I consciously saw someone’s Akashic records was when I was a waitress. A man came in to dine who looked like an old salty sea captain. I mentioned that to him. He laughed and said that he loved the ocean but was terrified of it. I then knew he drowned falling out of the boat he loved. I sensed one time that a woman loved Light houses. She affirmed that she did but was terrified of going inside. I saw her fall down a spiral flight of steps to her death. She admitted she was afraid of the staircases inside the Lighthouses. After I recognized her fear, it was like uncovering a secret that was hidden and then the whole life opened up for view. So the fears of how we have died lock that lifetime from view. Looking at that fear is unlocking the door. That is why so much of society is locked in fear of sin and hell.It keeps all the doors of their past lives closed and so they are easier to control. That is why Jesus said that his father’s house has many rooms. He was lovingly suggesting that we live many lives.

Look at the innate talents that you have. These where things that you learned in a past life. That is what a child prodigy is; someone whom perfected a talent in a past life and brought the memory of it back. Love opens the door to our consciousness. Our natural aptitude towards certain skills is the same principal in a lesser degree.

Pay attention to what you hate. It serves a direct road map to past life challenges. Many times, I believe that Atheists are people who fought in the crusades many times. They have had enough of God forcing them into battle and have a very strong resentment many times to those lifetimes; rightly so. It isn’t necessarily God that they don’t believe in. It is man’s interpretation of Source.

Look at your own aversions. People are afraid to do what has caused them trauma in a past life. Many people are afraid of authority or speaking their truth because they have been pulled out of a crowd by a petty Lord and tortured for being truthful in some way. There are countless scenarios where people suffered for being truthful. I had a friend who once who showed me contempt when I dressed up. She has a very strong reaction. I gave her my bracelet to put on and she broke down very emotional. She was terrified of being called out for being beautiful. Her Akashic records of being adorned right before being sacrificed came through. It was no coincidence that she had quirky features in this life. She felt very safe and comfortable having a plain face. It was then I realized that we even can choose to an extent, our physicality. Maybe nothing that we are in any way, is the luck of the draw.

Pay attention to places that you always wanted to visit. You can get a sense of your more pleasant lifetimes when you have a lifetime that was really special to you. What cities and people do you gravitate to? This is a gauge to where your happy lifetimes were. The opposite is true.

Who are your love bonds? These are the people that you have most likely loved before. The people we naturally are drawn to; like love at first sight; is a recognition from the past. People we instantly hate, most likely are people who have wronged us in a past life.

Pay attention to times when your outlook on life shifts drastically. It could be a gauge to what age you died in a past lifetime. Many children become moody during puberty. Is it really all hormonal? Or are they recognizing a time when they had reached adulthood in a past era and life became difficult. Or they died in that lifetime at that age and they are then clueless how to live. Perhaps that is what triggers severe depression in someone. The subconscious memory of dying and bringing all of life’s functions to a halt from a past….into the present.

Everything that we are is a compilation of our experiences. We all begin as pure love and our beliefs and aversions are formulated honestly through our experiences. There is a reason for everything that we have aversions to. Our prejudices could be formed in a time when life was much harder. The hate that groups congeal into now a days, may be group reactions to past life individual conflict. All hate is a form of going into primal mode and allowing old enemies to resurface as new afflictions. Look at this behavior with new eyes. It is a means of shifting your vantage point and prying yourself and whole demographics out of primal mode. Living in primal mode is a very base existence. Discerning truth where there was once only reaction is a means to awaken and to transcend the limitations of the lie of a one-life reality.

Recognize how much fear, judgement and limitations and control exist within a one life belief system.

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