Beating a Dead Horse

3rd of july 010
Humans are so dense. They refuse to acknowledge the simplest things. All the negativity of past history was washed clean with these marvelous Hurricanes that swept through the land to dig out entrenched negativity.
It is not possible to relive the engrams of past incidents. Doing so feels like an empty ceremony devoid of essence. The negativity of 9/11 was been flushed clean. Those who perceive in energy will get a sense of this.
Those who don’t perceive in energy will viciously attack me for my irreverence. They don’t realize that they are committing their energy to a negative stance and drawing others in a negative stance. We are all portals and can choose to bring people anywhere we wish. They have free choice whether to follow.
Personally, I prefer to bring people to higher awareness rather than to the grave of a useless destruction. I would rather be a portal for piece rather than a precipice for war. Remembering the past is a means to ensure that it stayed register in our energy systems. It keeps the engrams fresh in our collective memory.
Filling the engrams in with kindness, and uplifting intentions is the means to prevent such issues from being repeated. It is a form of hell to be trapped in the past. It is a form of control. The power mongers can control us so much better when we are all fixated on the same sad issue instead of exponentially expounding into the freedom of our empowerment.
It is the same concept as a mother with many children collecting them together in front of the TV to keep them in check. It is so much easier than allowing them to be free spirits running all over the house. But just as it is every child’s innate responsibility to gain experiences to grow, so is it every individuals to do the same.
All the rituals in society are a means of plopping everyone in front of the TV and preventing them from being unmanageable. It doesn’t mean they don’t have meaning. It just means that one should question their own level of commitment to these things instead of allowing society to mandate them.

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