The Complexion of God

Male energy has lied to spiritual people and told them to seek perfection. This perfection was supposedly intended to reach enlightenment. It is a real process. But it has nothing to do with being perfect. In fact, trying to be good takes people away from enlightenment. Staying in one’s center and owning one’s originality is the key to becoming enlightened. Perfection is a hoax. A lie. A sham.
That is why I am so visibly flawed, to help people realize that awareness has nothing to do with polish and shine. It has to do with being yourself and empowered. Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. Have a God complex. By all means have a god complex. But encourage everyone else to have a god complex as well. In that way, we all reflect the complexion of God.
Jen Ward

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