What a Retreat


From Lara:

I am overflowing with experiences from the retreat! For one I was in the car and I noticed how when I picked up my oldest daughter from school today I felt myself tighten in my body asking her about her day and what she worked on and noticing in subtle energy how she was feeling oppressed. So we did some taps right then in there after having a dialogue about not letting grades define us.

She is 10 and has been in Montessori her whole life with no grades. Only love of learning. and I told her soon she would get “grades” and to NEVER let them define her. That as a small child I would get an A and feel superior, and then I might get a D and feel so bad about myself. And I was so pummeled by the winds of censure and praise. Jen Ward mentioned this;  the competitiveness and sibling rivalry. This is what linear 3 D does to us to perpetuate enslaving each other. It tells us we are unworthy unless…

I told my eldest daughter NEVER to let grades define her. to simply find what she loved doing in life regardless of what others think and how they view her, and take joy in it. It helped me realize how hard I had been on her. And then I felt inspired to have her do the tap:  “I release letting grades define me, in all moments.” And a couple more taps about knowing who we are and not letting anyone define us ever.  Also taps on others telling us who we are, judging us, and subjugating us.

I told her how her father is a genius and so successful at his job that he loves and adores and is inspired by everyday.  Yet he got D’s and kicked out of school and told he was less than enough, a trouble maker. I told her how some straight A students who do all the “right things” in conformity and go to the best schools, but leave having no idea who they are, what they want to do, and what brings them true purpose and joy.

This helped free her so much. I could feel her empowering as we talked and we did the home-spun intuition taps.

Jen is teaching me to perceive what my daughters need so I don’t perpetuate oppression. The same that had me feeling so unworthy all my life. I love you Jen Ward. This is so major I can’t even fathom from just the weekend how much I absorbed!!! AND birdies and trees talked to me today. I could feel what they were saying and felt life all around and just how not alone we are. What a retreat!!!!!!

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