Youth is a fresh heart and mind to receive and share truth. It should never be diminished or devalued.
The aged are tempered souls weary of the folly’s of division. They should never be ignored.
The obese are in so much pain, they need to pad their body as extra protection from the disdain. It is cowardice to mock and scorn them.
The accomplished are the ones who adjust easily to the linear enslavement. Admiration for them should be tempered to only those who have gratitude and compassion for others.
Celebrities are those souls that are so desperate for attention that a normal life does not fill their need. Or they can be those that are so passionate to serve that they expand their gifts beyond normal range. Who can say which?
A hero is someone who puts their own welfare before others. Shouldn’t we all be doing that?
A victim is someone who stays stuck in their own journey to transcendence instead of seeing the overview and blessings of each lesson.
The mediocre are those who lie to themselves by believing the lies they have been told.
The well adjusted are the well conditioned
The flakes, weirdos, troublemakers, mentally ill, homeless, deviants and bleeding get a sense of the world beyond this illusion with no blueprint of how to get there.
The dreamers are those awakened to a spiritual freedom with nothing concrete to validate their conviction.
The creative ones are forging a path to spiritual freedom using the talents that they have accrued.
Tree huggers are those who perceive love and wisdom beyond the arrogance of man.
The peacemakers have suffered a genocide.
Goddess is one in any form who sees the necessity to honor the yin to balance the yang which has gone rogue.
Those with a a glimmer of hope, enthusiasm, conviction, awareness, must resuscitate the peacemakers, dreamers and the bleeding hearts in us all and awaken the dawn of a new day.
Jen Ward
#hope #Poem #poetry #Awakening #Wisdom #Gaia #Truth #Goddess #Yin #Yang

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