How to Upgrade the Consciousness of Humanity

We have been trained and conditioned to reign in our love. Just like North Koreans are conditioned to hate Americans, we are conditioned as well. We are conditioned that we are ineffective as individuals. If we begin to sense our empowerment, we are demonized, or made to feel rejected or abandoned. This is still part of the conditioning. It is something to break through.
The truth is that we use a very small fraction of our brain potential. Most of truth is filtered out of our conscious awareness as well. We use even a smaller portion of our heart potential. The human heart working in cohesion with the human brain can create dynamic changes in the world. Reality can indeed change. That is the evidence that Gandhi’s life has shown.
Gandhi understood that the human heart supported by the mind was so much more capable of shifting consciousness than the workings of the mind alone. The stupor we see in the world is the glass ceiling that the mind working devoid of the heart will create. Fear withdraws our love. That is why so many of us are immersed in fear.
Wouldn’t you love to be able to introduce North Korea to the freedom of our life here in America? Wouldn’t you love to replace their conditioning with a personal understanding of what it is like to be free? That is the position I am in here. I am showing everyone the conditioning that they can relinquish to gain expansive spiritual freedom. It merely takes people to let go of the reigns of their loving potential and charge every atom of life with divine Love.
Ignorance, arrogance, indifference, apathy, greed and hate dissipate with the introduction of dynamic purifying love. If you get a sense of the changes I make by assisting people in understanding what is possible with love, then perhaps you will get a sense what is possible when more and more people awaken to their potential to expand consciousness. Simply by expanding their own capacity to love.
Visualize the ignorance, apathy, greed and hate in the world as stuffy clouds that people breathe in whether they like to or not. Pour your loving intentions all over the world to dry up these clouds of energy. It is like the sun dries up a cloud. Practice doing this at all times. Do it every time your think of it.
If you train yourself to pour out love to the world all the time, it becomes ascribed to your parasympathetic nervous system. Meaning, it happens naturally and effortlessly without even thinking about it. It is similar to learning to walk. Instead of learning to walk, we are learning to upgrade our own capacity to love. This is very important to do to upgrade the consciousness of humanity.
Being afraid of world events will never create an iota of shift. It will actually feed the clouds of ignorance.

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