Just Hang up on Fear


There are different types of dreams. Some are pure experiences that are happening in real-time in the energetic worlds beyond the physical, some are garbled with symbol that need to be deciphered. Some dreams are teaching exercises; given from a wise source. It would benefit most people to keep a dream journal to write down their dreams upon awakening, That way, they can know what certain symbols mean and create their own dream interpretation dictionary for themselves.
Dream symbols are very personal. Since each person has had different experiences, someone who is rejuvenated by the water, may have a different reason for it showing up in their dream, than one who has drown to death. Someone who lives in a part of the world that is arid would have a different meaning to dreaming about water than someone who swims daily.
There is another form of dream that is used to often by power groups with agendas. They are dreams of infiltration meant to control the people with fear. They are a means of hitting home a point about something that someone is told they should be afraid of. It shows up in their dream as a reality. It is meant to control what they allow to happen in their Universe based on the dream. It has been used through the evolution of time to keep people fearful and contained.
When facets that are trying to control the masses sends them out, they are similar to mass mailings. They are unwanted results and fearful imagery showing up in your dream experiences. Be clear! These dreams are planted by an outside source using power of suggestion. They piggy back on your own personal weaknesses. So they mix the fear with something personal to you. This customizes the effect in you. It sounds strange but the powers that control the masses understand how this works or else advertising wouldn’t be a multi billion dollar industry. It will use your love of family, children, life and safely and the fear of losing them in a horrifying way to weaken you defenses and gain control of your common sense.
Here is how it happens. When the ninety-eight elections were coming around, I had recently returned from captivity. Since I was sensory deprived, it heightened my own natural abilities. My perceptions became so acute, I perceive in energy; beyond words and even thoughts. I spent all my time alone and watched and had not much influence. But I watched the political conventions because I was fascinated by seeing the play of power in energy. After watching one convention, I had a surreal awakened dream experience as a result.
It is hard to describe in words. A movement of one of the political sides was a stream of power that flowed right past me and passionately kissed me on the lips. It was very subtle but pervasive. It slid right in like an oozing stream and came in to seal the deal in winning me over. I was able to see through the ploy. It was a disgusting kiss. But I knew that this is what this agenda was doing, sending out psychic wooing to all those who watched the convention. It was using this tactic because I was love starved and this would be my weakness if I had one. I was seeing the inner workings of psychic manipulation. I was shown how a person’s dreams were violated similarly to how a telemarketer can violate dinner time. It happens and the responsibility is upon to the home owner or the one being violated to just hang up.
I just woke up from a similar dream that was trying to instill fear into me. I understand the agenda so I want to awaken other people who may have gotten this same “mass mailing”. of fear in the dream state. The dream was simple. I was on the inside of a house and I couldn’t go outside because there were groups of woman in black birkas. They had overtaken the path, and were mean to me if I tried to walk by. They were talking loud and cackling and this was really distressing to me.
I know by watching the news that the fear point that is being used is that isil will infiltrate our country. This dream was an energetic deliverance of that fear bomb. This dream had none of the spiritual fiber or richness of my usual dream state. It was specifically showing me what was being sent out others who are susceptible to this worry. I have had sensitive people tell me that they feel something bad is going to happen. In many cases, they were recipients of these fear bombs.
It puts a personal signature on the fear. It does know how to hook you in; just like a car salesman knows how to look for subtle cues of how to sell you a car. I do not like loud noises. I feel sound as physical touch. So to have people, making noise outside my window would be distressing to me. If I was not aware of how the psychic game of dream control worked, I would have woken up very distressed.
But instead, I saw it as an opportunity to dissipate the effectiveness of this mass attempt. The good news is that it was a very diluted attempt to induce fear. But there are people out there who may fall prey. The trick is to assist those who process these dream experiences as real threats to their life and liberty. They don’t even have to remember the dream for it to have an impact on their fear level. That is the beauty of such sorcery.
These kind of things are the EXACT reason that I focus so much on Love. Love is the opposite of fear and love is the cure for fear. If we as a group, choose love over indulging in fearful imaginings of the onslaught of the enemy, then the attempts of control through fear will be powerless.
People will ask me to get caught up in these streams of fear. I ruthlessly refuse. They believe that I am naive. But I am not. I treat fear the same way a mother would treat a child who was having a temper tantrum. I ignore it until is stops demanding my attention. It is the way. Whenever one is afraid of something, unless it is an organic fear of their own death, it was instilled there by someone who has something to gain. It really is as simple as this. To make it any more complicated is to give your power away to something besides love.
To choose love in every situation is not naive but pure fortitude. This is what Gandhi did, this is what Mother Theresa did. Many of the souls that leave this life in greatness have Mastered this ability. We all can do it now. It is time. It is not corny or naive to be kind and loving. That is just another lie of power to prevail.
Love is ruthless in its purity and effectiveness. Love is not weak. Love is pure strength. It is time for us all to all forego looking at love through the cheesecloth of fear. It’s time to accept our own masterful skills of knowing love in its entirety. Doing this will abolish fear once in for all.

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