The Nightmare Epic


I woke up from a dream that I thought was a nightmare. But what I was being given is an understanding. Those who don’t understand concepts of a higher vibration may be afraid of them at first. So I received this higher truth in a form of a nightmare. It was a means of me absorbing the fear for others who needed to accept higher truths without it wreaking such havoc on their nervous systems. People have been induced to fear too much. They are saturated with it. It is time for them to experience the love and awareness that dries up all fear.

In the dream, my home was real peaceful and calm. It was the haven that it is for me. Outside the window was a deep trench with a fence built up on the other side. It was beautiful and all nature. There were little animals that seemed different from anything you would see on earth. They looked like a cross between a koala bear and a squirrel. They were cute to look at from afar.

But in the land across the fence, the animals began to be more prevalent. There was a HUGE blue birdlike reptile. It looked like half dragon and half horse. But it was erect like a seahorse. It was beautiful. When in landed, it pounded the earth so hard it created a big trench in the rolling hill beyond the fence. It was a real experience. Not a dream. It was real.

More and more of these creatures came, animals of all different kinds. There were so many that they compromised the fence and were getting into my house. I was scared and woke up a little bit shaken. But as soon as I awoke, I was given a greater understanding of the dream experience.

When one of us taps into higher truth, we feed it to everyone else through osmosis. The beasts that were inundating my home were actually truths I had tapped into by expanding my understanding of inanimate life. To many who believe in archaic beliefs, my understanding of the world would terrify them. But this is what is happening. Everyone is being upgraded in understanding. It is scary to them.

So in the dream, I was absorbing the fear for those who live in fear so that they could get comfortable with the vobration of higher awareness. I was assisting in getting them used to it without being paralyzed in fear.. It is so much easier to love than react and lash out in fear and hate. This is what I am allowing them to do by absorbing the fear.

Inanimate life has a lot to teach us. If you want to enhance your awareness, speak to it, respect it, listen to it. Validate it. A way to do that in a way we are familiar with is to adopt an inanimate friend. It may be a way of getting you comfortable with all life speaking with you. As you listen to the inanimate world, you will realize that all animals, nature, trees and bees can have more access to speaking with you. The payoff is very rewarding. The side benefit is that you will be stretching the capacity of awareness in humans and diluting the ignorance.

The more you can realize that all life serves their purpose and not one individual, the greater the advancements in humanity can become.

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