Get Up!


Sympathy has such a low vibratory rate. I don’t feel sad for anyone. I would not diminish them in that way. I hold a place for them to be their most dynamic self instead.

My favorite scene from any movie is from the movie Bambi. When Bambi’s mother is shot, he is laying on the ground despondent with grief. His dynamic, larger than life father walks through the mist and commands him with tough love and compassion to find the strength to go on with these three words.

“Get up Bambi!

If there is anyone who is struggling out there, who feels like they are spent; I would encourage them to find their inner reserve. See beyond this moment to another time when you are in a position to encourage others with your fortitude. Don’t ever stop trying.. Don’t ever give up on the possibilities. The whole Universe can shift on a thin dime.

Whoever is out there and struggling, know that you are not alone. Know that there are those who are loving you through your own pain. Know that others see in you what you are not capable of seeing in yourself right now.

All the love in the Universe swirls around and supports you in doing whatever you need to do to get back to living your purpose. So on behalf of all the Love in the Universe, I command all those who are disheartened to regain their composure in life and Get up!

Simply get up.

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