Consciousness is changing


When you look around and think things look gloomy, you are not taking into consideration the spiritual law of change. Everything is changing and in constant flux at all times. The only way to stagnate the fluidity of life is to pour your mental concepts into the mix. Your beliefs and judgements are like pouring concrete cement into pure water.

Your thoughts, are the means to stop life on the dime. They in themselves are the curses that humanity endures. Imagine all the creativity that would be unleashed if children were not forced into the pigeon hole of their parents intentions. How many dynamic artists are suffering in a fate of complacency because it was too much of a risk to follow their dreams.

Take the risk. Jump off the precipice. It is so much more rewarding than a rice pudding life of complacency.You are guaranteed a soft landing into the world of empowerment. Your exhilaration is a numbing agent for what is acerbated in the linear world of complacency.

Please stop wasting your energy cheering on the gloom with your nod of agreement. It is time to disagree. Disagree that the world is beyond hope. Disagree with the assessment of world affairs. Be disgruntled with the disgruntled. There are dynamic beings walking among us and growing into their skin of empowerment as we speak.

Encourage free thought. Encourage uniqueness. Encourage creativity, dreamers and peacemakers. It will create a flux in the energy of the world and within yourself. You are a gateway to higher consciousness. You are a means to world peace. You are amazing in your ability to transform anything into something dynamic. Take up the pen, paintbrush or musical instrument. Recharge the world with your vibrant enthusiasm and watch it change.

#Encouragement #Transcendence #WorldPeace #Awakening #Gaia #Consciousness #enlightenment

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