A Blessing in Time


There is a very simple way to explain the shift in consciousness that is happening. People are afraid of what it entails. That fear is the letting go of the mind. Because the shift in consciousness is a shift from mind center to heart center. It is a shift from mind control to heart openness.

Many times I have clients come to me who insist the are going to die.. They are terrified of it. After their session they have a better understanding of what the experience was really about. Many are taught that the mind is equivalent to the highest source. Many believe that the mind is God energy. This would have made sense centuries ago when ignorance was prevalent and intelligence was equivocated to aristocracy and freedom.

But in the preset, we have hit a glass ceiling with the mind. We have found that the mind without heart is a dangerous task master. Many who stroke their intelligence are stuck in mind eddies to no avail. All the reasoning, debating and rationalizing will not save them. They can’t be helped that way. The mind has a kind of arrogance safety latch on it that tells it everyone is inferior and unable to be given equal status. This renders them lost to all avails except through the heart.

Love and kindness can open any door that our own arrogance will refuse to open. It is through being vulnerable and trusting just one more time that we can be effective in bringing about a more swift opening of the universal heart of humanity. We are not going to die. We are going to thrive happily beyond the prison of the mind.

This is time to behold. This is us, being witness to the upliftment of humanity. This is the individual being able to get back to living his purpose and loving life again. This moment is a celebration, a holiday, sacred sigh. This is a blessing in time.

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