Empower your Creativity


There is a list of 22 traits that creative people have. I took this list and turned them into taps so that people could better tap into their creativity. I hope you like them!

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

1. “I am centered and empowered in inspiration; in all moments”
2. “I acknowledge and validate my daydreams; in all moments”
3. “I shift my paradigm from boredom to ingenuity; in all moments”
4 “I maintain the vantage point of childlike wonder; in all moments”
5 “I continue to always try; in all moments”
6 “I release conforming to a 9 to 5 existence; in all moments”
7. “I follow my heart; in all moments”
8. “I transcend time; in all moments”
9. “I listen to my creative cycles; in all moments”
10. “I transform difficulties into opportunities; in all moments”
11. “I love my creations and then move on; in all moments”
12. “I breathe life into the constructs of my creations; in all moments”
13. “I am both humble and proud; in all moments”
14. “I embrace new ways to embrace myself; in all moments”
15 “I contemplate each move; in all moments”
16. “I see each situation from 360 different vantage points; in all moments”
17. “I shatter all limitations and glass ceilings; in all moments”
18. “I perceive from my subtle senses; in all moments”
19. “I perceive the world from multiple dimensions; in all moments”
20. “I embrace and create new experiences; in all moments”
21. “I reinvent my creations and start from scratch; in all moments”
22. “I love everyone and everything; in all moments”

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