In the Dream State…..


The Dream State is a place to make the shifts in the dynamics of the world that you don’t have access to correct yourself in the physical.

In the Dream state I was in a huge sprawling school room. It was actually outside and was very chaotic because so many individuals are now engaged in learning their lessons. I was raised above a higher perch and overlooking everything. A white Anglo Saxon man who was very tall stood next to me.

I asked him to help me down. He would not. So I slid down and stood next to him in a crowd overseeing activity. He then screamed out in the crowd. He screamed a directive using the “N” word.

There was a man of color who was standing in front of us. We was very weathered and rugged. I could sense an inner wince at hearing the word. It obviously was upsetting. So I took on this white man who was much taller than me and told him not to use that word.

He grabbed me and pulled me off my feet. He held he in a fit of rage. I screamed at the crowd to help me. No one heard me although there were all these people around. The were deafened by indifference. I kept screaming and finally the brute let me down.

Officials from the school gestured to someone to assist me. This young naive woman called me over to this place under a tree and started questioning me. She was a novice at such issues. She started to question why I was there and started making me feel like the perpetrator. This is when I hightailed out of there and woke up.

But I was able to address this issue in a concentrated way. I was dissipating the anger in the individuals in the crowd and having it directed to me. That is a good thing. Because when the anger is directed to me, there is no way to refuel it. It gets dissipated. It is a great trick to learn….how NOT to fuel negativity. I highly suggest it.

If you don’t like something, don’t tell people about it. Don’t make it a point of contention. Don’t fuel it with all these adjectives that add to its girth vibrationally. This is what I know how to do. You starve out negative issues and feed positive ones. In the case of the man saying the “N” word. I addressed it because he hurt the feelings of the other man.

This technique I just mentioned is a spiritual law. But human understanding has mixed it with apathy and gets the two confused. It takes some experience to know when to address issues to drain them of their fervor and when to dry them up. if you do address the issue, you must be strong, able and willing to allow the negative energy to dissipate and pass through without stoking the issue.

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