Freedom in Holding Your Truth


I used to think that I had to let people know how I was feeling in every instance. If I was unsatisfied with service, they had to be made aware if it. Through my tone, mannerisms and body language, I was going to let them know that I was disappointed. This behavior is called passive aggressive.

For myself it originated in this lifetime by living with people who didn’t care how I felt and never asked me my opinion or preference n anything. My life was not my own. The only way to convey my truth and to be validated was by being removing my happy countenance from the equation. Anything else would get me a smash across the face. These were the training tactics used by god parents of the day.

A light bulb went off when I realized that I didn’t have to visit my displeasure on every service person I interacted with. They were doing the best they could. If I was in a mood, I could contain it. There was much freedom in this epiphany. I could leave everyone in the same state I found them or better. I no longer burdened the world with my disapproval; which was a reflection of my lessons and as random as the weather.

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