Take Back Your Empowerment

What we do here in healing with the taps is not a fluke. It’s not magic. It is not channeling a higher power. It is us taking back our empowerment. It was something that we always had access to but were lied to so many times about it that we were made to believe it did not exist.
We have been conditioned since birth lifetime after lifetime to give up our power. In this society it is to white bloated men. In other eras, it would have been a different ruling race. But all that ends withuniversal transcendence. All that ends with the upgrade of our individual intentions.
Just one person, who is capable of tapping into their empowerment is able to bring great change to the world. Look at what Gandhi has done. Or Nelson Mandela. How did Oprah become so universally respected and above reproach? One person is capable of swaying the whole world into goodness. One person. Can you feel the effects of what is happening in the undercurrents as so many person realize their potential? It is happening now.
So many people are disgusted by the power plays they see that it is driving them to reignite the depth of their own empowerment. Finally, they want goodness enough in the world to break the chains of linear limitations and expound into the realms of their exponential abilities. All this means is that people are breaking out of living like a stick figure in a black and white world. They are realizing that they are a starburst in a multidimensional existence of multidimensional beings.
No longer is it necessary to bat someone down to get ahead. There is enough room and expansion for all to thrive in their uniqueness and individuality. Of course it seems strange and scary to those living as stick figures. That is why it is so important to love and support each other as we all dip our toe into that greater reality.
People think the taps and exercise techniques that I share are merely an effective tool in surviving. They are so much more than that. I am so much more than that. I am a multidimensional being who has survived much hardships in the linear worlds to show others how to be empowered. Those in the linear world will resent this comment. They will see it as me saying I am better than them. That is the conditioning of the linear world having them believe that.
People who are gaining awareness in the exponential realities will realize that they too are a multidimensional beings. They will not see me claiming my empowerment as an opportunity to feel diminished. In fact, they will take the opportunity to expound greater into their empowerment for realizing how simple and expedient is.
The taps and exercises I post are more than an effective technique for dealing with a limited existence. They are a means of clearing the Akashic records of this world and assisting all souls in transcending into a reality that they have stopped being able to fathom on their own long ago. It is me using my insights to empower all of humanity. May you feel empowered to at least do the same.
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