How to Talk to Trees

Trees don’t stay present if they are not communicated with. You need to connect to them in many cases for them to put the effort in communicating back. This may feel silly to you until you get a response. But trees are like a person enthralled in a computer game. They aren’t present here unless there is a reason.
If trees are treated like an inanimate object, they will submerge deep into their rooting system and not be present. If you have a tree that is not connecting with you, you have to try a few times to communicate with until it realizes that you are indeed trying to talk with it. Think of a teenager with headphones on. It is similar to that.
Trees are coming to the surface to connect but this is new to them because they have been ignored for so long. So keep trying. Just talk to them out loud or in your head if you are concerned someone will hear you. Treat talking to a tree like talking to a person if you need to.
When something pops into your head that seems like a “fresh” thought. That is the tree responding. It may be accompanied by a sense of joy or feeling of comfort. This will be your evidence that you have gotten the trees attention.The ones around our home, think of themselves as family many times. So you may want to start with them.

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