Why Aren’t You Listening?

I just woke up from an exasperating dream experience. I was in a home I lived in years ago. Shelley Wilson or Cathy Hall were my room-mate. Shelley and Cathy both share a lot of my posts to spiritual pages. It is pages that would seemingly benefit from my work. Shelley/Cathy had put an advertisement into a newspaper saying that I was going to give a class.
I was unaware of the scheduled event until people started showing up at my house. At first I was annoyed that I wasn’t informed and wanted to send them away. But they kept coming. There were so many of them that I felt I needed to accommodate them by facilitating an impromptu (to me) event.
Some of the people were people I knew from a former spiritual group. They were all converging in my home. There were people collecting outside but they were very distracted in the social aspect of coming together. I had to yell out the door and tell someone who came to the even to shut down the music they were playing. It was disturbing the neighbors.
My home started filling up. I asked someone to put the coats in the extra bedroom. They put them on my bed. I had to ask a few different times to turn the TV off. I had to ask them to stop private conversations so I could begin. THEY SEEMED NOT CAPABLE OF LISTENING. Every time I tried to get started, another private conversation began to the side.. Everyone there was there for the right reason. But I could not get them to stop the side conversations.
I tried everything. I tried shocking them into paying attention. I asked a person to leave. I threw something at the wall. I even tried to start the event without the whole group listening. My effectiveness was getting lost in the social aspect of showing up to partake of my capabilities. I even screamed the F word to get them to listen. Nothing worked.
Finally, I pulled one guy out of the crowd that was a young savvy business guy. I led him through the taps to say: “I release needing attention”. This seemed to cut through the energy that prevented the group from listening. They were all enthralled with this new approach. I could hardly speak any more because my voice was so hoarse.
I woke up and thought about the dream. I have been sharing dynamic energy assistance for years.. Cathy and Shelley generously share my posts. But the people don’t read them because they are more caught up in the social aspect of spirituality than in actually allow it to sink in. Perhaps these taps will cut through the apathy that prevent those with well intentions from actually receiving the assistance they are seeking.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I release needing attention; in all moments”
“I release being distracted by the need for attention; in all moments”
“I release being impervious to the spiritual opportunities; in all moments”
“I release sabotaging my own spiritual opportunities; in all moments”
“I release talking above my spiritual lessons; in all moments”
“I release habitual indifference; in all moments”
“I release being impervious to truth; in all moments”
“I tune into the silence to embrace truth; in all moments”
“I release all the self sabotages that make me impervious to higher awareness; in all moments”
“I gain spiritual maturity and discipline; in all moments”
“I honor and respect truth; in all moments”

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