Open Letter to Megan McCain

Dear Megan,
In life we would not likely be friends. I would be grouped into a sect that you do not identify with so you may overlook me. You would consider me an alternative left I suppose. I don’t ascribe to such labels but that is what I would be called by someone who doesn’t know me. I may also be called a tree hugger, bleeding heart liberal or alternative healer. Some would confuse me for a democrat. They would be wrong. I have no use for labels.
I see the goodness in others. I see in energy. This is something that may intimidate someone who has been taught to fear God. I do not fear God. I feel imbued with the essence of God and identify with the love in others beyond labels.To me this is God personified. We, in our kindnesses are the holy spirit. I do not shut down to people because of how they are labeled and I am not implying that you do either. It is just that I see goodness in all others even if they were to judge me in a way that is deemed negative.
The point is, that I have talents and abilities that may not be accepted by those with a conservative view. I have the ability to release the stagnant energy in others. It is quite simple for me. Many have experienced benefit from my abilities. I feel the issue of others like a cloud in my own energy field and release it from them. Love is the conduit to communicating in energy; just as water is a conduit to electricity. I am able to assist others because of my great ability to love beyond the human condition.
I don’t usually explain myself. I am hyper sensitive to unkindness directed to me. I am certain you can understand that. But I saw on the show that some one wrote a very cruel message about your dad. It isn’t worth repeating or even acknowledging except it compelled me to reach out to you.
I wanted to reach out to you to comfort you and dissipate the negativity of the unkind things that you read.
In my world of alternative medicine, there is no such thing as terminal. To me that is a curse that those who don’t understand energy put on others when they have lost confidence in being able to help them. In my world, there is merely dis-ease that needs to be released. I have trained myself to be able to move energy out of the energy field of a body that is causing dis-ease. It is that simple sometimes. I never promise anything but I just help those who are in need and I am compelled to assist. I am compelled to assist your dad.
I know you probably don’t believe in natural healing. It has been systemically demonized so that western medicine could take hold. But it was the way of the world before modern medicines and outrageous health care options. It was the pure way of returning the body to balance. It is very simple and understated.
The reason I am telling you this is to give you comfort. That for every asshole and ignorant statement that you need to endure, there are people like me, that are able to dissipate the energy of negative comments. They are like a curse on you and your dad. So I felt compelled to intervene with love and kindness. In fact, I am now compelled to give your dad special healing attention. Again this may mean nothing to you. You will not even correlate this connection as your dad gets well. But it is still worth mentioning.
While others pray for god to assist them in a myriad of petty ways. I use the focus of my intention to use my god given talents to benefit your dad. He is not ready to go perhaps. He does not need people who have no access to spiritual law, cursing him with their petty decrees of terminal because they can’t help him or because western medicine is inept to assist.
So this letter is merely to reassure you that the power of love, bleaches clean the stain of hate. Here is me sending my love to you and your dad so that the petty comments no longer disturb your calm. Please know also that your dad lives on very healing property. It nourishes him beyond all reason.
Also, I send out my concentrated healing intentions to dissipate the clusters of disease in your dad that western medicine can’t touch. Spontaneous healing does occur. There is a physiology behind it. It is not magic. It is using the heart and mind force to a higher capacity than humans are usually trained to do. While others have put their attention on outer achievements, these deeper regions of helping others is my wheelhouse. It is my only success or purpose for being on the planet.
You have reason to hope and envision your father walking you down the aisle and loving on his grandchildren through you. Because there is nothing more powerful than the loving intentions of those who respect and appreciate the integrity and inspiration of those that they love. Your father is a man to be respected. He has earned such regard as to be spontaneously healed of any dis-ease.
May all who read this, add their synergy to the intention of seeing your dad well for many healthy, productive years ahead. This is my concentrated intention for you. With much love and compassion.
Jen Ward

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