Technique: Uplift Every Experiences You Have Ever Had & Everyone you have ever Known


Think of the you that as always been as a flat plane of existence. Think of it as you would a comforter on a bed. Every square inch of the comforter is a place and time that you have existed through history. There have been many times that you have had good times but there are also many times when you have suffered and been brought to the brink of your breaking point.

Think of those times that you can imagine that you have suffered such incredible pain that you surrendered with your whole heart and soul and asked to be rescued. Get a sense of the incredible pain and tribulation that brought you to such a point. But there was not just one of these times, there were many. On this place of existence; that is like a comforter on the bed; see these places where you are open as divots in the plane.

These divots, create an opening or a portal for the you, to any other component of you that is having an experience. They are a receptivity in your consciousness at that time, to receive assistance. So with this technique, use your awareness to create a conscious divots. This is what meditation or sincere prayer can do.

In contemplation, see yourself in that moment to be open to the you that has always been. Like you are a conscious divots in the comforter. Since you are aware, visualize healing light, love and pure essence pouring into you in the moment and flowing out to you in all the other experiences of you.

Visualize pouring intentional concentrated Love to you in every moment in time when you were receptive to receive it. Maybe space is the comforter and time is the divots. See the energy saturating each one of those experiences of you in different times until it saturates all their (your) wants and needs and eases all their pain. See them all becoming whole, happy, wise and free.

Visualize the whole comforter being satiated through those divots until the whole experience of you is having an uplifting experience of Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness. Take it further.

When the comforter of you is completely satiated, realize that each experience of you, is in a plane of existence with all those you are having an experience with you in that particular time and space. See every single experience of you in a comforter with everyone that is in an experience with them in that particular moment of time. Each moment or each lifetime could be a comforter that you share with everyone who is in that moment of time and space with you.

Feed love to every single one of those infinite planes of existence by sending love out from you in the moment of the contemplation to you in every single divots to you on your personal plane. Then see each satiated divot of you being the divot to send perpetual and infinite love to every single experience that is happening to you in every single plane of existence. If you can get a sense of it, you sending out love through these divots of you create a matrix of your healing love through every experience you have ever participated in or have been privy to through time and space.

You are only limited to how much you can pour love into every experience by how much you believe in the present moment that you are able to do so. It is as simple as that. In doing this contemplation, you are saturating and empowering each expression of you and also every world that each expression of you existed in.

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