The Field Study of a Psychopath

Charles Manson has just died. This is a good thing. He was a portal for very dark energies. He was a lot like the man who locked me up and starved me nearly to death for a year. The family of the victims believed that if he looked in their eyes that he would feel remorse. That would not happen. I got to close up field study of a psychopath mentality.
The reason they can kill so indiscriminately is they don’t think of people as people. The guy who locked me up, thought all humans were stupid bugs in the illusion of an intelligent body. That gave him the vantage point of not caring about their anguish. People are as insignificant to him as a moth being zapped in a bug zapper.
I was watching the report about his life and a realization came through. The murders and cult mentality were not his worst crime. He came into popularity at the height of the hippy movement. As much as hippies have been demonized, their protests and dropping out of conformity brought the end to the Vietnam war. The establishment demonized them because they drew people out of the conditioning of the “status quo”.
The hippy movement was a positive movement towards personal freedom and mass enlightenment. That was the course of action that was happening. Charles Manson was a charismatic figure who infiltrated the peace-loving movement with pure negative intentions. As, with the guy who locked me up, he felt justified. He didn’t revere life at all and saw people as merely mirages. This world was inconsequential to him.
I studied him closely, day by day through my own captor. In fact, I knew at the time I was being paraded around the property and forced to hurt animals that I was perhaps doing something good. I got a sense that I was introduced into this man’s life to prevent him from being a modern-day cult leader. What ever atrocities he was doing to me, was satisfying his need, or derailing a future attempt to create a mass following. I was the decoy. Perhaps this was my greatest form of service. I may just be putting a positive spin on a horrible experience. But this was my thinking at the time. I still believe so.
In watching the clips of Manson’s life, I was given the more horrific crime of his reign. He derailed the whole positive force of the hippy movement, the wave to spiritual freedom, by introducing such negativity to the scene. Nothing could have deflated such a positive force set in motion as this. The analogies of killing a pregnant woman (killing innocence) was negatively charged enough to take the wind out of the sails of mass enlightenment.
This man, Manson, held space for concentrated negativity in the world. It makes sense that he would be dying out as spiritual awakening is happening again. But now it is more subtle. The force of positive energy is more elusive. Those who are awakened, blend much better now. They believe they are isolated in their awareness and truth but are actually a part of a movement to awaken mass consciousness. With Manson out-of-the-way, we can all regain the momentum of the original movement.
He also tainted the Beatles music with his negative vibration. The Beatles’ music was an anthem to world awakening. Charles Manson lessened their impact on mainstream by linking the music to his horrific intentions. He tainted the music for those who could not discern for themselves.
You will see the establishment try to breathe life in the atrocities of Manson by playing details of his life over and over. We are better than this. We don’t have any taste for being drawn into such negativity. In fact, we are drying up our fascination with war movies, violence and suffering in all forms. It is as out dated as the eight track tapes. Please don’t indulge in fascination about his life. It is merely a ruse to regenerate the negative vibration of his acts and what he stood for.
Hold space for goodness. Learn to discern for yourselves when observing current events. Ask yourself, “who benefits from this information?”: Always look for the grain of truth under all the lies. It does no good to listen to Conspiracy theories for truth any more. These have been twisted to an agenda as well. It is best to learn the art of discernment yourself and to always trust you inner compass. You gut and your heart will gauge truth for you. That you can always trust .

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