an extension of your own hands
I am a Muslim- I continuously declare my faith through kindness to all others
I am a Jew -I have suffered dearly for my right to exist and have great resolve
I am a Christian -I strive to personify Christ consciousness
I am a Pagan -I see God in everyone and everything
I am a Buddhist- I think and discern for myself
I am an Atheist- I reject all tenets that do not resonate with my own sense of truth.
I am an Agnostic – I question everything; especially what others tell me to believe
I am Spiritual- I understand that I exist because I am loved
I am a Hindu- I believe in the continuity of life greater than this physical form
I Am Gaia- I naturally nurture all of life
I Am Love- I see the goodness in all others beyond all labels and personal convictions
I AM Humanity. I am in you and you are in me
Jen Ward 11/22/15

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