Remembering the Intention of the Holiday

The Holiday of Thanksgiving was born out of great relief for merely surviving. If anyone has ever fought merely to exist, they would remember the incredible relief that comes in that moment that you are NOT going to die. That you are going to be okay.
The trauma of fighting for existence closes the energy systems as a form of protection through fight and flight. When one is able to finally relax and open the energy centers again, the drastic shift is quite incredible. This is what we experience as gratitude. My moment of gratitude was when I got the courage to escape from my captor and found myself numbly walking and sobbing onto the plane that would take me to my home town.
Unfortunately, so many of us are not tested to this degree. So they will have to work harder to open up their own energy systems to experience true gratitude. It is a form of working backwards. If you are not able to tap into such an experience, then you will have to work backwards and conjure up the gratitude necessary to open the energy field.
Here are things to be grateful for:
Please know that there are many Guides, Healers, and Light beings countering the negativity of imperfect humans and preventing us all from being destroyed in a tirade caused by arrogant men.
The course of humanity is out of our hands. No matter what we are being shown, humanity is transcending. We are all meeting in love and acceptance in the inner worlds. We will get to the point of reflecting that in our physical world as well.
Use the coming together with family and friends to practice the total intention of honoring each being. Greet the family dog with the same reverence as the patriarch or matriarch of the family. Use your time today to practice reverence. The more difficult it is to be around others, the more the practice of staying in the reverence is necessary. Use it as a challenge instead of seeing it through disgruntled victimized eyes.
Bless the meal that is prepared. Tap into the toil and sacrifice that went into preparing your bounty. Heal the turkey or animal that was sacrificed for the day. It is a form of desecration to make turkey jokes about the plight of the turkey. Inwardly envision the turkey that was killed before he was taken. Use your intention of freeing him from the trauma of being killed. If you are able, see all turkeys everywhere in this way. Free them all of the trauma of being taken. This is what I do. This is a practice that you can adopt for all animals and all beings that have suffered; in all moments.
Remember to honor yourself. Putting up with people who don’t honor you is an outmoded form of sacrifice. Your true family is those who love and respect you. If those beings are fur, feather or scale covered, it does not matter. It is a better alternative and just as valid as being around humans Especially humans who are still entrenched in the negativity of a selfish world.
Be grateful to all those who love and honor in their sweetness to the chagrin of the harsh vibrations of the old earth. They are the ones that use their presence to usher us into a New Dawn.
Be grateful for your awareness. You have come by each insight honestly. Please be patient with those who are not there yet. Have compassion. Remember, you had the opportunity to abuse power and screw up until you finally got it right. Allow those still learning the space to learn their own lessons. They will get there more quickly with love than with being shamed. The shame will close their energy field and make it harder for the love to penetrate them. It will disconnect them from the ability to be grateful. Your kindness is the greatest practice of reverence.

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