The Story of Love and Hate


Hate met hate on the street
They hated each other
They boasted about their lives
Primped and flexed to each other
They showed off their wealth
They fought over which one was superior
Bragged about who had the most problems
Who had the most chronic issues
Complained about their families
Mocked each other
It was a good ole time

Hate saw love pass by
Hate spit at love
Tried to pick a fight with love
Tried to muddy Love’s clothes
Love just smiled
Hate became infuriated
It tried harder to scorn love
It turned to the crowd and lied about Love
Hate started foaming at the mouth in anger
It was in its element
It created conflict and scandal
Hate perpetuated itself through its own hate
Hate tried to pull love into itself
Love was impervious to hate
Love sustained its composure

Love walked on and greeted everyone it met
Love seemed to only notice love in everyone
Those that were in agreement with hate, showed their contempt for love
Love did not seem to notice
They tried to preach how love was being hateful
They dressed themselves up as love
Hate pretended to be Love
But they only fooled hate
Hate begin to confuse itself for love
Love maintained it’s stance

Love met love on the street and they embraced
No words were needed
They were in complete agreement
Love knew things hate couldn’t understand
They communicated beyond all exterior means
Those who communicate in love knew their compassion for hate
Love softened the edges of hate
Hate was visibly irritated
It entertained itself by pretending to be love

Each time hate greeted hate, it became more broken
It fractured into different factions
Hate could hardly tolerate itself
Hate seemed plentiful
Hate still pretended to be love
It continued to pass itself off as love
It tricked some into thinking it was love but then showed itself as hate
It was loud and in everyone’s face
It screamed love down
Love payed no mind

Yet many struggled between love and hate
They were fooled by hate’s disguise
They thought that hate was love
They thought that everything was hate and that love did not exist
In their confusion they went to sleep and allowed hate to speak through them
Hate kept preaching hate and saying it was love
Love did not argue. That was hate’s job
Love spoke beyond words
Love was patient and kind
Love disturbed no one that was sleeping
It left them oblivious in their slumber

Hate seemed to be the law of the land
Until all those who were lulled to sleep by hate began to awaken
They slept off their drunken stupor of hate
Those who awakened realized themselves as love
Love embraced itself as love
Love embraced Itself everywhere
The world was seen through love’s eyes
The world was felt through Love’s heart
The world was permeated in love’s breath
The nightmare ended
Hate scurried off in the night and was never heard from again
Love prevailed

Jen Ward 11/30/14

#Love #Hate

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