Psychic Intrusion Alert!

There are psychic energies being pumped into everyone through their dreams.
They are intended to:
Make everyone be mistrustful of truth and carriers of truth
Make you feel jealous and mistrustful of others.
Feel left out
Feel isolated and alone
Think that others are slighting them
Feel like they are being replaced by different ethnic groups
Feel like they are out of place and don’t fit in
Feel like they are not prepared for life.
Make people want to either fight or give up
Demonize those, like myself who perpetuate truth,
Make people feel uncomfortable in their skin
The purpose is to keep people in primal mode instead of relaxing. When one relaxes, they are able to transcend and keep pace with the intention of Universal transcendence. Those who are vested in keeping people at war and selling guns have an interest in keeping humanity from transcending.
Addressing these energies like this and calling them out, is a way to dissipate them. If you know of anyone who is experiencing any of these issues. or anyone who is very depressed, explain to them the psychic affront that they are being inundated with as a means of snapping them out of it.
Also, try doing this tap for yourself and all others.
(say this 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“We dissipate all psychic energies that keep us stuck in primal mode; in all moments”
“We dissipate all psychic energies that interfere with our transcendence; in all moments”
“We dissipate all psychic energies that induce unworthiness, division, isolation and thoughts of suicide; in all moments”
“We dissipate all psychic energies that have us demonize truth and carriers of truth; in all moments”
“We release our aversion to truth, transcendence, and interconnectedness; in all moments”
“We accept our own spirituality; in all moments”
#suicide #Depression #PsychicIntrusion #Spirituality #Truth #Dreams #Nightmare

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