Feed the World

an extension of your own hands

When people are starving to death, they will eat anything out of a compulsion to alleviate the starvation. So much of the world is starving for love. In a desperation to be fulfilled, they will just about take in anything to fill that void. They will try to get fed through abusive relationships, self admonishment, demonizing whole demographics, the bloated conditioning of false pride or many other ways to distract them from the angst of being starved for love.

There is one remedy for hunger. That is to be fed. If you had that capacity to send extra food to those starving in other parts of the world you most likely would; wouldn’t you? The beauty of love is that you don’t have to send it via ship or plane but can just pour it out to the world at will.

If you have extra love to share and others are starving for it, why would you not pour your love into the world to ease the suffering of the starving? You are empowered to do this. You are capable of doing this. Perhaps those starving for food in the world are indicative and symbiotic with a world starving for love. If so, dry up the love starvation in the world and you may just see the world hunger plight come to an end as well.

Why not try? It is no skin off your fried chicken to do so. Just send the world love. Visualize it dropping out of the sky in care packages if you must. Just start feeding the world.

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