How Kindness is Healing

I went into the grocery store after an event I facilitated. What I do is unique and strange to many people who experience it for the first time. So when I offered a free event I was happy to assist people in experiencing something that they had never gotten to experience before. I put my heart into helping them. And even thought they were resistant, they got their needs met.

What is discouraging to me is that most people left the event without saying thank you to me. It is a simple exchange. They did not need to thank me for what they didn’t understand. They could have thanked me for my time and effort. This left and imbalance in my body.

I was walking in the grocery store after the even and feeling depleted; absolutely depleted in my body. I was dragging myself out of the store and then a miracle happened. A woman smiled at me with such an incredibly organic kindness. I immediately felt it and my body recharged and regenerated instantaneously. It was amazing. We have to do this for each other more often.

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