Energetic Carbuncles

People who are prickly, defensive or just seem clueless or closed can be covered with energetic carbuncles. Their energy system or aura looks like something you would see on a fish in the deep water. These carbuncles are very hard and crusty and adhere tightly to the person.
If you want to assist the person in getting rid of these carbuncles, you can’t be unkind or confrontational to these people. It merely strengthens the attachment of the carbuncles to their host. It plays out in the person being more defensive, impossible and retreating farther into themselves.
The way to help others (and yourself) get rid of these hardened crust on their energy is to not assault them. This causes them to harden even more. They way to assist them is by seeing past these afflictions. This will soften the person’s energy system and cause the carbuncles to fall off. It is like watching suction cups fall off a surface. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this.
No one wants to be annoying or offensives, Everyone is doing the best they can with the conditions they are dealing with. The way to assist them is to lead with kindness and allow kindness to add suppleness to their countenance once again.

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