How We Expand Heaven


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I just received this message


A year before I met you, I began looking at new homes to move to. More recently, I began looking at fixer uppers because I do not have the linear resources and you have helped me come to understand that there is so much more than what we see on the outside. For the past six months, I became interested in looking at homes that were in foreclosure.

One at a time, I would find foreclosed homes online. I would see pictures of the various rooms and exterior shots too. Sometimes I would even drive past the house. Then in my mind, room by room, I cleaned them up. I patched up holes, painted the walls. I tore up rugs and put down new floors. I visualized the house filled with love – my kids, their friends, things we have that hold great meaning – placed within the house. I could see myself adding plants and gardening – playing with my dog in the backyard. The final products were gorgeous.

Then, three were purchased and fixed up. Another three were purchased. All the sudden, it hit me. I was pouring loving intentions into these homes. By doing that, someone else saw the beauty and potential of these homes.

Jen, thank you so much for showing me the power of intention!

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