How to Make Disease Accessible to All


Make it a common occurrence by running advertisements about it all through the day with strong offensive visuals and likable victims.

Talk about it with family and friends as easily as talking about the weather.

Give it it’s very own color so that when people see it, they automatically think of disease.

Honor it with races, picnics, parades and celebrity endorsements.

Mix it with our entertainment so it is pumped into our psyche when we watch our favorite sports or television shows.

Make it a lucrative businesses and benefit from it.

Make it a common occurrence to be dependent on harsh drugs with devastating side effects.

Continue to pump poisons into the food, air and water system so that every new generation accepts being poisoned as part of life.

Become so dependent on the monetary system that big businesses and those who have the most money, make decisions for all of society.

Make it very difficult to buy foods that are not laden with toxins. Make the chemicals taste so good that they are preferred over healthy nutritious natural foods.

Continue to cut down trees; which is the most natural and easiest way to pull toxins out of our air.

Demonize those who value trees and understand their necessity in our survival.

Refuse to see the correlation between emotional issues and the physical make up of a person.

Refuse to see the human system as an energy system. Refuse to acknowledge energy blockages as a early form of addressing dis-ease.

Continue to erode away natural resources so that people cover every inch of the planet.

Make eating plenty of unhealthy foods a part of every social event

Make a disease more endearing by identifying it with a spokes person that is extremely likeable like Lou Gehrig or Michale J. Fox.

Treat victims like heroes so it becomes socially unacceptable to say anything negative about the disease because it will seem to invalidate the plight of those who have suffered with it.

Make it a feel good cause to abstractly rally against it to distract the attention from the big business that benefits from its survival.

Demonize natural approaches to healing

Demonize God gifted healers as flakes, liars, delusional and thieves.

Idolize western medicine and those who practice it.

Accept a fate of burning, poisoning or cutting away parts of the body as a natural process.

Deny any modality that does not glorify western medicine.

Program society with such complacency that people resolve to die rather than accept any limitations in the practices of western medicine.

Believe that disease is inevitable.

Allow drug companies to distate the medication people are subscribed

Allow doctors to over subscribe medication to create a systemmic opiod crisis.

Feel unworthy

Use being sick as a sense of belonging or validation

Continue to pump as many people into the population of the world as possible, so that in general, the individual is expendable.

Breed ignorance by attacking anyone who says anything that causes a reaction of defensiveness in yourself.

Demonize whole demographics so that fear can be uses as a smokescreen to keep people fighting attacking each other instead of the issues

Refuse to innovate to cleaner forms of energy because those who benefit from the present forms won’t allow it.

Confuse the issues of environment with issues of faith in some twisted way. Make is so that sincere people who are just trying to do the best for their families are pitted against each other and demonize each other as a form of distraction from the bigger issues.

Continue on the current path.

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