The Amazing Feat


A man arrived at the pearly gates
Still shaken from his demise
St Peter greeted him graciously
He was pleasantly surprised

You are an inspiration here
As we watched your life unfold
Word spread fast about your feat
It was a blessing to behold

The man did a quick scan of his life
Not quite sure of his amazing task
Was it my excellence in business?
He summoned his courage to ask.

Was it my donations to the poor?
Or how I stood my ground?
Was it always giving sound advice?
Or how I worked a crowd?

You are all those things, that is correct
All the attributes we here coven
But all here are at least that good.
Those traits are a dime a dozen

Yet you are honored above the rest
And this I do applaud
You brought a piece of heaven to earth
In how you loved your dog.

Jen Ward 1/28/14

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