G give kindness to all
R respect the sanctity of all souls
A attune to what is the highest good in every situation
C consider the vantage point of all others
E empathize with everyone

Grace is artistry and a skill like all others.
It can be cultivated, nurtured and taught.
What we do in each act of Grace is empower the integrity of humanity.


illumination of spirit is revealed,
heaviness lifts
hearts unburden
silent pleas are answered,
“resolve” unfurls its wings
Insights take their first breath,
paths are cleared,
innocence is nurtured
Kindness is empowered
hope restores
resolve is instilled
quietude is respected
peace expands
A way is secured.

What you do in Grace is:

eliminate the primal urge to initiate hostile acts.
forgo the path of petty indifference
repair all divide
create resiliency in the intricate woven fabric of life
reclaim wonder for all those in your wake.
teach lost souls a way to be found
demonstrate a dying art to fervent generations
Enlighten the murky hallways of tradition

Your acts of Grace:

bring relief to those who are desperate in their own plight
satiate those starving to know kindness
address the deprived in whatever way they have been depreciated
illuminate dark corners of the world
wipe the brow of faces you may never see.
hush the muted cries of indifference
ripple out into a sea of kindred spirits
sing to the sweetest aspect of every point of light
attune the heart of goodness, with the voice of reason
uplift all souls to their own quickening to enlightenment.
anchor your stance as a mighty force for mass enlightenment.

This is what you choose to do, or not do every moment.
You have this much power.
You always have.

Jen Ward 1/29//16


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