What Needs to Happen to Have Peace

Angels need a rest
Visions need to clear
Divides must be mended
Entitlements must be more fair

Dust needs to settle
From the antics of the men
Gardens must be planted
We must return to Zen

Wars must be unwaged
Fevers need to break
The proud and indignant
Must admit to their mistake

Woman must be valued
Of every sect and shape and kind
Perceptions must be given
To the deaf, mute, ignorant and blind

Truths must be spoken
All Lies must rescind
Illusion must be stripped away
Released into the wind

Innocence must be revered
Above Guile and deceit
Pay homage to individuality
And laid upon its feet

Reawaken from all slumber
That has rusted all resolve
Open up love’s floodgates
Coax anguish to dissolve

Forgo all petty squabbles
In all we think, feel, say and do
Then peace will rest upon the land
And settle itself in you.

Jen Ward 1/29/16


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