A Reason Why People Smoke

Recently I facilitated a private remote session on a man who didn’t know anything about how I work. As soon as I hear someone’s voice, i know a lot about them so I don’t need them to give me details usually.
I knew this man was very frustrated and had a hard life. I also knew from his voice that he smokes.
I have had an understanding that people smoke to push down the energy of the anger that they are holding down in their lungs that is an exit point for it.
But this man’s reason for smoking was more complicated than that. I saw the reason almost immediately. He was a very sweet empathic guy. He was surrounded by angry people.
The smoke of the cigarettes held the vibration that was more indicative of an angry vibration. He was ingesting the smoke as a way to blend with the vibration of the angry people around him. It was a survival tool indeed.
Doing the taps that I share is a way to separate yourself from being affected by the harsh vibration of people around you.

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