A baby isn’t life until it breathes life, It is right in Genesis. God made the body out of dust and then blew life into it. So nobody is killing anything except the lie that people are killing babies by having abortions. It is a lie to perpetuate a white dominant Christian society. People have to stop being led around by these lies. I remember being killed and born many times.

I can’t be the only one who has awakened to myself. People need to wake up and take responsibilities for their actions in how they treat each other, what they create with their words and thoughts, how they are contributing to the dumbing down of humanity by not using common sense and just reacting when prompted on cue.

If people would stop using a woman’s personal choices as a distraction, then maybe this world wouldn’t have this issue to pit woman against woman. Because that is the real purpose for the demonizing those making a very private decision. It is to enslave the masses in a stale mate of morality.

Is any one tired of the hypocrisy of this issue? It is the western society’s form of a burka. Everyone has issues to deal with. Targeting women of childbearing age and forcing them to procreate is something from the dark ages.

Those who do things because someone tells them are cowards and weaklings, If someone is targeting women because their faith tells them to then their faith has been tainted by male lies. Simple as that. Once someone can remembers what happens after they die, this whole argument becomes moot. Those in power lose the ability to control you. That is why so many faiths are dependent on their flock not listening to anyone, They want to keep them in ignorance. This is what we have been conditioned into as a whole.

I am sorry to offend anyone but those who are kind and loving and practice truth and live conscious lives are having their freedoms trampled. Instead of some people caring, they are fixated on the red herring of the abortion issue. Wait until people cross over and realize how they have been duped. The people who judge and debase woman are going to have to face their actions. It is better to wake up now rather than wait.

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