How To Starve the World of Hate

an extension of your own hands

The only sickness that can not be healed is self-righteous hypocritical ignorance.When someone is throwing anger at you, let them. Let them throw all of it at you without giving them an ounce of it back. In fact welcome it. It has to go somewhere. Think of who you are sparing in their world by allowing their anger to pass through you and emptying them of their only defense.

After they are empty of it, they will be empty and need to look at ththemselves and their own shortcomings. That is what they are avoiding by their attack. Hate is their only defense. When you don’t give them any hate back, you are actually being more effective in dealing with them than anything else.

Don’t reason with them, don’t explain yourself. Don’t engage them in any way. Just allow them to empty out the hate that they have been conditioned to spew into this world. See it pass through you without touching you and being converted back into divine love. If you have an emotional reaction to their words, that means you are taking the hate in instead of passing it through.

It may leave you a bit shaky at first. They will aim both barrels at you. But once you see the effects of this technique, you will appreciate its benefits. They will eventually give up if you don’t give them any energy in return. You will be stronger because you have demonstrated a profound spiritual principle to yourself. It is that those who hate are fed by the hate returned to them. This technique is starving them out.

This is the technique that Gandhi used to free all of India. He called it passive resistance. He was aware of the principle behind it. Now people are savvy enough to understand the energetic reason it is so effective. It is time for all those who are capable, to get out of reactionary mode and allow the hate to dissipate of its own accord. You will be doing a great service to the world, those who are ensconced in the behavior and their targets.

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