In the Other Room


No soul comes to this world seeking to leave a stain of pain where their life has been
Not one……
wishes to smear those they love in sadness
intends to leave the heart of their loved ones aching
enjoys leaving their family living in regret
questions why they needed to go once they crossed over
chokes back sorrow on the other side
would wish their life on earth to be measured in tears
spends their days obsessing over the goodbye
They wish their loved ones…..
to stay in the joy of their connectedness
would still connect to them.
would just think of them as in another room.
When they were on earth you weren’t joined at the hip
You would both be doing your thing and together at the end of the day
It is still the same.
You are both doing your own thing
You are simply in different rooms
You will be able to share your stories and events at the end of the day
It is okay to think of them
You will be in the same room once again some day
Please don’t ……
shroud out their whole life is a heavy balm of gloom.
treat the utterance of their name as a dirty little secret
pretend that they never were
deny the love that still beckons at the thought of them
Please continue to love them
Just don’t accent it with the ache of loss
Celebrate them and your good fortune to know them
Please think happy thoughts of them often as if they are listening
Because they are
Don’t forget them; or the love
They don’t forget you
Every time you feel them close, they are by your side
Every time you remember them close, they are enjoying the remembrance
Every time you are remembering something wonderful about them, they are whispering in your ear.
Push past the initial pain to stay embraced in the love.
Someone who has recently crossed over is desperate for their family to know this
Please share this message
It is transcribed by someone who has recently crossed over
Stay connected in a balanced healthy way.
Live your life confident and secure that your loved one still thinks of you
Still loves you
and still is enjoying life
… the other room.

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