Mixing in the Love


Here is the good thing about feeling the pain and concerns of everyone everywhere. If we can feel their lack, sadness, hunger or discomfort, it is because we have had those experiences as a reference point in our makeup somewhere. At this point, we have all had those experiences. Some try to block them out with denial. That is because the pain of calling them up is too excruciating. But they are there.

The good thing is that we can relate to others. There is an inner connection that is as palpable and reliable as calling up someone’s profile. We are only starting to discover the ramifications of such intimate connections. Think of all the people who you consider dear friends on social media that you may have not even have met yet. What else don’t we know? Who else are we missing?

If we can feel the plight of others in the world, and we can develop a connection with those who we have not met, then we can also pour incredible love, joy and kindness into the universal mix through these means. We can pour our unique color into the paint can of life.

There are some who which the can of paint to maintain a pristine white. They use all others as a primer for them to roll over and cover. But that is not possible anymore. The paint is all of us, not just a few. It is wonderful, exciting, empowered and aware. There is no way to return to primer. Our joy is in mixing in the layers of love and awareness, joy and beauty, until the fear and manipulation, taking and diminishing is diluted out.

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