Holding Space For Truth

When I started writing, the men who knew my work tried to get me to hold back on sharing. They said it was the means to get people to buy my books. This mentality is rooted in male energy. Female energy gives everything it can in a sense of sisterhood. This is not a man, woman thing; but a yin, yang understanding.
My Guides encouraged me to pour all my work right out into social media and compile my posts as I go. What I didn’t realize was that truth was being extracted from the vibration of earth and my posts were holding space for it.
I now have ten books and the attempt of the negative factions did not succeed in enslaving humanity. The world looks messy right now but it is better than calm complacency. The chaos is a bridge to higher understanding for all.
The negativity we see play out in the world has always been here. But now it is exposed for all to see. That is probably why I named my first book, Enlightenment Unveiled. Because the layers of illusion that have been squelching the awakening of humanity, are being ripped away.

One thought on “Holding Space For Truth

  1. What was it you were discouraged from writing / publishing books by others out of interest?

    Humans are generally unpleasant, negative and vile creatures and there are many whose own insecurities is such they just seem to live and breathe to keep others from achieving goals, aiming higher and being successful in whatever they want to do. Must be exhausting living your life obsessed with finding fault in others and trying to discredit and drag people down particularly when they could put all that energy to better use and set themselves new goals and be happy.

    Deep breaths big smile and move forward. There’s never room for anything or anyone that serves to do keep you from smiling and moving forward 🙂


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