The Ability to Discern

nancy and Lynda

There is a huge difference between having opinions and having the ability to discern. Those who have an agenda realize this and they prefer that you NOT have the ability to discern. The prefer that you are reactive, fearful and trust what they tell you. They make issues black and white and demonize the opposing camp. These are all manipulative ploys that have worked for centuries.

Those with an agenda, understand how we think. They spend a lot of money researching how to get us to respond a certain way. Right now in advertising you will see the world love thrown around more. That is because advertisers have tapped the pulse of mass consciousness and understand that love and kindness are important to the individual at this time.

There are some huge companies out there with warm and fuzzy messages. They put a beautiful farming backdrop onto the wholesome spokesperson to the message of fracking. There is a really endearing jingle about love being endless on a commercial for a fast food burger place right now. There is also an energy commercial that says something like, “energy is complicated.Let us worry about it for you”.

In my opinion, they are all good commercials that make me feel like everything is fine the way it is. That all is well. If I allowed myself to NOT discern.

My ability to discern reminds me of the horrific toxin and abuse to the earth that fracking does.

My ability to discern tells me that all those earthquakes in Texas are because fracking is popular there and they are played down as important because the reality of fracking doesn’t mesh with their warm and fuzzy depiction of it in commercials.

My ability to discern tells me that even though they have such a great loving message in their advertising, the chemicals in the burgers that they are selling swell up my face become they are so toxic. .It is not loving to myself to eat them.

My ability to discern makes me wonder why we are dependent on such a crude material for energy when we have the most intelligent minds and technology capable of producing such clean energy out of wind, sunlight and even gravity.

Who is benefiting from this archaic use of energy and why don’t they care about what it’s doing to the world?

My ability to discern makes me realize that the more I am presented with a positive confident message in advertisement, the more I need to look past that shiny facade to see the ugly truth of it.

My ability to discern tells me that we must not be as helpless as the powers that be, want us to believe that we are. We must be a power source or else they wouldn’t try so hard to try to sway public opinion.

My ability to discern tells me that when we all stop agreeing that all is hopeless and start living from a place that we are empowered, that we will be empowered.

My ability to discern tells me that we can’t keep pumping babies into the world and not reach a saturation point. To keep promoting unbridled reproduction is irresponsible as a species that is supposed to be so intelligent.

My ability to discern tells me that there is a difference between intelligence and awareness or else more intelligent people would also be aware and figure things out.

My ability to discern says that by demonizing another demographic, we are synthetically being pitted against each other as a distraction for the devastation that those with less conscience havoc on the world.

My ability to discern tells me that those who have more wealth are obviously not evolved or else they would care more about the condition of the earth instead of running it to the ground.

My ability to discern tells me that we have all got to start taking back our sense of self, realize our potential, living our purpose, empowering others, finding the common ground, awaken to the New Earth, care about each other, care about other species, trees and plant life because we need to start rescuing each other.

The more we look past the facade, listen to our own gut instincts, separate from pack mentality, pay attention to whats important, formulate a new truth for ourselves, the more we empower ourselves, others and the world; to be as awesome and empowered as possible, the sooner we can lighten the load this world has been bearing. This is what enlightening is and does. It is time to have a new and original experience here on earth. This is how it is done. It is an individual choice made collectively. It is beyond time to do this now.

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