The Human Exhaust Technique


All the feelings that come to you are not yours. They are only yours if you equivocate them with thoughts, experiences or feelings. When you feel this ominous energy come to you, it is as random as a cloud. Yet because there is little understanding of energy, you try to identify the cause. If you forego identifying a reason then you prevent it from anchoring to you. It can pass from you easily.

If you are more aware, you can use this awareness to think of yourself as a human exhaust fan that takes in the cloudy energy and converts it to clean energy or love. You don’t have to quantify it at all. Take the human element out of it and just visualize converting smokey energy into love. It can be that simple.

If you practice doing this enough, you will allot it to the parasympathetic nervous system and it will become as automatic as breathing.

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