The home you need to get back to is your empowerment and understanding. Get to the Understanding that there is no death. There is only a transition of energy. There is no problems, except the conversion of consciousness.There is no pain, except in the misunderstanding of our fluid nature and the refusal to take ownership.
For every victim an angel sighs that they failed in their purpose. There are no victims except in the realms of ego gratification. It has become a thing to list on your resume of life. But this resume is burned on your awakening. Everyone who deems themselves a victim has the potential to be a savior as well.
Every transition, every experience, every change; whether deemed negative or positive is a transition to more love. Focusing on the issue is digging your feet in the ground and REFUSING TO FLY!! Lamenting the past, cursing your life, laundry listing experiences are all ways of digging your feet.
Spread your wings people. Quit digging your feet.

2 thoughts on “GO HOME

  1. Thank you #Jenward for your knowledge, that you impart with love and compassion. I love the part where you say ”there is ONLY transition of energy” I so believe it, No pain oh it took me to another Level.Love Lorraine im thankful that our paths met i was so thirsty for this kind of teaching and knowledge!

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