Why There are the Homeless


Kinesiology is the practice of muscle testing to see if something is beneficial to you like a food or medicine. If something is bad for you, the muscles get weak and the body does it begrudgingly or shuts down entirely. People who don’t work a nine to five job or fit into the current societal system are not lazy deviants. Their energy systems have shut down because society as it is, is poison to them. That is why so many are apathetic or indifferent.

If you want people to engage in society, change society so it utilizes their gifts and talents. Give them a reason to engage society. Put value on the arts and creative side of life. Allow these intangible geniuses to balance the “run it to the ground” mentality that exists in the world and in business. Make individuals matter again. Treat every one with the respect that a celebrity or millionaire receives.

You can blur the lines in your own life so that we can blur the lines Universally. Stop pitting your children against each other. Teach them to be kind to everyone. Be as kind to window washer as you are to the president of your bank. Realize your own worth. When you deem yourself unworthy, you are making room for more unethical forces to be present in your stay.

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