Technique to Challenge One’s Own Beliefs

430246_323010891079657_2074259420_n“Beliefs are like old windows. They too can be replaced”.  Jen Ward

There are things that we believe that no one can convince us otherwise. At one point, life altering experiences always happened around the same time of year for me so I started to brace for them and wait for them. Things did come, but was I inviting them with my belief? Was I lumping non sequiturs together to create meaning where there was none? Or was I actually reminded of a past life trauma that happened at a certain time of the year and bringing something with a similar impact into this incarnation? Maybe all of these things and more.

But I decided to take back my joy by releasing the belief system that compelled me to dread a beautiful time of the year.

What are your beliefs that are holding you back? Only you can name them. They can show up as a reality and it is okay to release your belief in them. Create a statement to release the belief and do the following tap to do just that on a deep level.

For example: Maybe you believe that the winter brings gloom, create a statement “I release the belief that winter brings gloom.” Then create a statement countering that belief.  State it in a positive. “I welcome the Joy of winter”. After you create the statement, say it three times while tapping on your head and a fourth time while tapping on your chest. Maybe this is a way to stop building upon past loss and gain momentum on the joy.

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