The Law of Silence


There is a problem with sharing too much. When we share our experiences with others, sometimes we can set them up to believe that they need to have similar experiences. This can put a glass ceiling over them, and it leaves us responsible for limiting them. If we are honest with ourselves, we may notice that we enjoy having a bit more knowledge about a situation than someone else. I would say that most of our sharing is gratuitous and does little to benefit the listener.

Think about all the ways we might inflict our experiences on others: raising children, illness, menopause, growing old, etc. These are all ways to pull others into the herd mentality. Many things that we think of as truths are merely vantage points that we have agreed to. Many truths are opinions that have been galvanized into fact. It doesn’t render them more valid. It just means that it is more difficult for others to divert from them without being challenged for doing so. Every single opinion that we have galvanized as truth, must someday be challenged and broken free of to attain freedom. Otherwise we simple are limited by the fickle whims of society. This is what we all see evidence of in such divided factions of our global community

The Law of Silence is a powerful Law. It is a powerful technique to abstain from speaking every thought. When one forgoes mindless talking, they tap into their own omnipotence.

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