Go Outside


Sorry television. You used to be a quaint way of entertaining the masses and placating them while their men folk were sent to war. We thought your advertising messages were endearing. We even embraced some of your spokespeople and icons as endearing.

But you have abused our good nature. Now you feed us little entertainment. You insult us with your vulgar programming that exemplifies the worst of human behavior. You provide milk toast entertainment with your formulas programming. Worst of all, you shamelessly brainwash us into being complacent about decisions of war, disease and side effects of horrendous medications. You dumb us all down to grade school intelligence.

We used to have though provoking shows. But now we have vapid personalities pimping shoes, celebrity gossip and their own persona. It’s time to go outside people. There is more truth in engaging one tree, than there is in watching all the programming that television offers.

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