A Message From Jesus Christ


Someone was just angry on my posts because I don’t praise Jesus on my page. Here was my response:

Jesus Christ does not stop at the edges of our hearts. He permeates it. Do you really think he wants us to shut down the love for any reason; especially in his name? Shutting down the love is shutting down the love. Jesus Christ is not the praise whore that you think he is.

I am wondering if people who are so adamant at defending Jesus Christ have ever gone into an altered state and had a conversation with him. He was not mainstream when he was alive. The way he empowered people was irritating to the main stream. He allowed people to believe in healing and their own purpose and abilities. You would think when someone shows up in the world in a similar way that Jesus Christ did; like so many of us do; it would be the highest form of flattery.

Jesus was not an insider. Jesus did not take offense. He did not categorize people into the worthy or the unworthy. He was fed up with the establishment of the time. He did whatever he could to help people realize how important they were and how they each have a unique connection to God. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I am not certain he would NOT be a mainstream follower of the message that was accredited to him as it stands today.

I know for a fact that Jesus is proud of me. That he admires the truth I share and admires how passionate I am about helping people become more spiritually aware of their own empowerment and even provide them with techniques so that they can more personally connect with him if they want. I feel like I am more like him than all the people who are mad at me for helping people. He actually assists me. He hates how his name has been invoked to judge, belittle and conquer people. He hates that his pure message of love has been desecrated by so many for political gain. They have turned him into a mascot for their greed.

Here is an analogy he gave me yesterday:

If you give a hundred people a hundred dollars to spend anyway that they want, there will be a hundred different ways that money will be spent, saved, thrown away or given away. All people are that different in their relationship with money. It is not our business to micromanage how they interact with it. It would do no good to tell them the best way to use the money. Because they know for themselves what their recourse is with money. To interfere is to change their relationship with the hundred dollars.

Anything that interferes with people’s personal relationship with their highest perception of truth is a form of arrogance. It is like telling them how to spend their money. It just isn’t done, In a way, we have a better respect of how people relate with money than how they worship God. To try to get people to see God as you see them, is kind of like manipulating them to invest their hundred dollars in your bank.

The other thing he mentioned for me to share is that if you don’t like the way other sects that use tyrannical means to get people to follow their religion, then deal with your own tyrannical views around religion. We are a reflection for each other. The extremists horrendous tactics on demanding people follow their God is a magnified view of what we do when we judge others in regards to their faith. We have a blatant teaching example of how others do unGodly things in the name of God. May we all take heed of the lesson.Maybe that is the way to salvage some good out of current events.

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